Marian Montessori is a private Montessori School directed by Marie A. Silva. A beautiful home based environment, which facilitates a rich intellectual, artistic, spiritual and social atmosphere radiating love, care and concern while producing intellectual, strong, courageous and caring little people.

We believe in reaching the brain by capturing the heart first! At Marian Montessori we provide a beautiful home setting which makes the transition easy. A 100% comfort zone. The home to home feeling! A beautiful garden where play is mixed with learning to grow veggies to be used in the preparation of their home cooked meals on the premises. Science experiments and hands on creative art. All that will capture not only a childs heart and mind but an adults and give the teachers endless joy and satisfaction to see the joy and gratification on their precious students faces! We live and love our professions and what we do!

Our Mission

Marian Montessori has placed an unprecedented emphasis on a prepared home environment, theater and outdoor back to nature environment to act as the first educator for a child .. .

Beauty is the voice that called the child to engage with the materials and elevates him to a higher level of grace and courtesy as he interacts in this environment.
(Haskins, 2012, page 34)

Aesthetically rich environments that are thoughtfully organized with the implementation of open-ended materials, invites exploration that is engaging and meaningful. This exploration results in the development of relationship building skills for a child, thus permitting an educator to empower a child with the ability to communicate his/her ideas in many ways. Marian Montessori educators will become learning partners with a child and a family by maintaining the highest standards in observation, documentation and reflection of a children's engagement with the environment.